Fiona Catherine Botanicals

I’m Fiona, pleased to meet you!

My journey of Fiona Catherine Botanicals arose from my curiosity in creating my own natural soaps without the added preservatives, parabens & chemicals that are found in regular commercial soap bars.


I wanted to produce a soap of superior quality, which is both kind to the environment but to the skin too.

Armed with a bit of knowledge in chemistry, a creative background and countless hours spent researching plant-based oils and their values in soap, the journey began.


Through months of research and experimenting, I discovered that the original Bastille-method of soap making produced the best soaps, which is what we have become known for.


Bastille Style soaps contain 60% pure olive oil, the balance being made up from other plant based, skin loving oils and butters.

The soaps are all made according to the original cold process method of soap making. It is important to note that there are other quicker, less time consuming methods of making soap – but as with everything in life – all truly great things take time – There is no substituting a truly great bar of soap!


Cold process soaps are essentially left on curing racks for up to 6 weeks, thus allowing the oils and butters used to develop into the creamy, bubbly, skin loving bars of goodness our soaps are known for.


From humble beginnings (we’re still humble), making soap for family, on to friends, and then to friends of friends and beyond, the little soap studio has grown. Today, we have numerous outlets and are suppliers of “white label” soaps to clients who want our bespoke soaps under their own brand.

My ethos is to provide you with a high-quality soap using the best ingredients I am able to source.

All our soaps are lightly scented which makes them ideal for the youngest little skins to the oldest. They are free of parabens and preservatives making them ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skins. 





Exciting New Products!

In addition to our soap range, we have added;

♥ Super moisturising, triple-butter body creamers made with Mango-, Shea- & Avo Butter.


♥ Soothing mineral bath soaks infused with local oils, such as Baobab Seed & Kalahari Melon seed-oils, infused with calming essential oils.